‡ what are the bloke burgers all about??

how does one make a bloke burger??????????

since you seem so DESPERADO to find out, i will tell you the secret to making a lovely bloke burger (originally by wayne) ††††

ok, the secret is here for the first time ever so you need to listen right now because im only saying this once

  1. first things first gents lads gents; you need your ingrediantes which is the following tasty delights: 2 butter,63 egg, 1 bun, a bloke burger, 1tbsp wayne, 800g pulverised gurkins.
  2. next you need to be a mature person and start actually making the bloke burgers SOOOO get the 2 butters and slap them together and stuff the butter into a nice large bowl.
  3. after that, get the 63 eggs and crushbliterate them into the bowl making sure to get lots of shell and eggy into the 2 butters
  4. with that complete, get the eggtastic butter mix and pour the whole lot into the bun, it doesnt matter if a bit gets on the kitchen floor bob will clean it up later. you will notice the bun starts absorbing the liquid egg and butter which MAY detract from the flavour so i recommend spraying some deicing agent on it ☺ ‡‡
  5. now take the 1tbsp of wayne and smother the whole bun and eggness with all the tablespoon (its expensive stuff)
  6. key part right here: take the pulverised gurkins, put them in an air can and spray the burger with a nice even coating of gurkin dust
  7. now enjoy the sight of the other bloke burger that was in our ingredients list whilst you eat the disgusting excuse for a sandwich you just made
tastes good init?!

the economical bloke burger association (††† EBBA) are the most legit legit banterrific corporate company corporation that ever exists. why would you buy anything else mate? EBBA are responsible for the worlds most terrificly banter burgers by wayne and co.

the EBBA are also key to many of the most established eating establishments ... did you know that? no? but i bet you also didnt know that the EBBA is responsible for being managementanaged by this a certain hassubeboy (permissions granted by the lord):

on top of all that the EBBA are super responsible for making the world wide web world uranus famous burger blokes bloke burgers. thanks to the upgraded bit of kit that is now used by the EBBA to make making the made bloke burgers †‡† quicker and easysiyer.!.
aren't you impressments yet? i know i would be

dont forget that the EBBA assocciate ascii is associated with an associate known only as xi l1ng ix