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this guy is a perfect example of a kid living the EBBA life mate

OH SO YOU THINK YOU REALLY REALLY rely want to life as part of the EBBA lofe? sure you can handle this mate?

guide two the EBBA life

first step to living a really banter fest life of EBBA is to become a freshly bantered member. IN order to proceed with the life of EBBA, you must initialse the base of being a live bloke burger cooker guy. A REALLY GOOD PG TIP FOUR THIS: You can start by going to that one page about the bloke burgers which is super accesible by going to the home page...


well my friend, that is butt one of the many strange things that you may or † may not experience as part of the EBBA life.

you see the EBBA live is of course known by the full titlementenitless of of of the economical Bloke burger Association life of associated multiplexes of course

then i heard you shout from the street, waking up my neighhhhhhbors (horse joke lelel 11/9 ign)

wow how do you or i join then??/#

thank you for asking boy

well matey m8 ; i am actually already part of the EBBA and the whole life thing they have going on.

the biggest #big tip i could give you is OF COURSE